About Torben Søndergaard

This story is about the life of Torben Søndergaard, the founder of The Last Reformation. He is now 39 years old, married with Lene for 19 years and they have three children.

How Torben got born again

Torben Søndergaard was born in 1976 in a non-christian family. He was baptized as a baby in the state church and later confirmed, but it was only because of tradition. One day, when he was 16, his mother had a stroke. His mother really meant a lot to him and when he heard this bad news he cried and cried and then he prayed to God. Not a prayer of tradition but of his whole heart: ‘God if you are there, please let my mom survive, do something’. When he prayed that it was like God was not there. It was like Torben was praying to the ceiling, God was so far away. His mother became paralyzed and spent like 1½ years in the hospital. One day he was thinking: “Is this life, just to experience bad things and then it is all over?” But he felt God was not there, so he took the little faith and religion he had and threw it away.

After this, about 1½ years later, he was working in a bakery and he was frustrated about life. He knew there was something more, but he did not know what. One night he was working in the bakery and he looked up in the air and said: ‘Come on, God. There must be more in life than this! If you are there come and take me.’ It was just a desperation for God, but in his mind he was thinking about a UFO coming and taking him or an angel coming and lifting him up, a hand coming down and writing on the wall. He wanted something that was real, not like in the state church when he got confirmed. That was not real. That was religion, that was tradition. When he said that it was not christianity, it was not Jesus, it was just a desperation for something. But God heard those words and a short time later Torben met an old friend. That friend told him more about God and a short time later Torben got born again.

A few months later he went to a big Christian concert and God spoke very clearly and he heard God say in the middle of the concert: ’The girl that is standing behind you, is going to be your wife one day’. When Torben turned around he saw the girl (Lene) and he just knew: this is going to be my wife some day! Three months later he met her again and now has been married to her for almost twenty years and they have three children.


Like every born-again believer, Torben had the desire to do something for God. But how and where? The only way he could think of, was to become an usher in the church, welcoming people, collecting the offering etc. It was good, but in a very short time he found himself part of a church system, where there was a mindset that is so unbiblical and wrong. He started to get frustrated. The life inside of him slowly died and the desire for God began to leave him. God opened his eyes and he saw that the people were actually doing nothing, only coming every Sunday again and again. Some even went to Bible school and they got a lot of knowledge but they had no fruits. So he and his wife decided to flee that church.

They found out that in another city there was a couple planting a church and they decided to help them. But after a year there were not many good fruits, so they went to another city and worked with someone else in that city. There they started a new church again. That moment, Torben started to get really frustrated with his life, because he was on fire, he loved Jesus but he did not see any fruit. Compared to many people in the church, he was really radical, but compared to the Bible he was not radical because there was no fruit. Then in the year 2000 he decided to fast for 40 days, because he wanted to bear fruit.

That fast really made a big impact in his life. He experienced a fear of God like never before. He also experienced a freedom from sin. Before this fast Torben lived in Romans 7, like many Christians nowadays: the bad things I do not want to do, I do, and the good things I want to do, I don’t do etc. But now he could live in Romans 6, in freedom from sin, sin has no dominion over you, you are not under the law, but under grace. That is the normal Christian life!

Suddenly he understood: Wow, I am free, free not to sin! He also got a lot of revelations during that fast and God spoke to him very clear, not like a voice, but still very clear: “Torben, write a book.” So Torben wrote the book ‘The Sound Doctrine’ but it was clear he should not get it out yet. God first wanted to confirm these words in Torben’s life and when it was time he could give out the book.

From that moment on, he saw people getting healed, others got set free and also other people that got born again. After one year he had seen over 150 people got healed, ten people got born again, and continued in Christ and from that moment God opened some doors. Torben was on TV, he also prayed for the sick there, some amazing things happened and three years later God spoke to him that he should publish the book.

A small remark from Torben: ‘It is not like I hear God speak everyday. I am not hearing voices. I have never heard like a big audible voice, but a few times I felt really strong that God spoke to me and then I acted on it and then I see it is God.’

Torben went around and had some big meetings, but once again he got really frustrated because he could see that he was bearing fruit.. but what about the other people? It was so hard to really make disciples. Suddenly some things happened and Torben could not stand behind the ideas and decisions of the church he went to, so he got thrown out of it. It had gone so well, but then suddenly they lost everything. But then he got a prophetic word from God:

A division has happened, but that division was from God, so you will not get too comfortable. God has led you through a desert to learn to be dependent on Him and not on people, but now your pain is over and God will take you from the dust to the mountaintop. A famous businessman in your country will come and support you and everyone will hear that story and they will be surprised.

On this TV show, Torben got the opportunity to pray for people who were watching. The day after, the program showed several people who got healed through this prayer!

Desert period

But what Torben did not know was that the desert had just started. The next 4 to 5 years were really hard. They moved, but got thrown out of that house, because the owner suddenly changed his mind. They lost their money, they lost their church, they lost their network, they lost their friends. Lene got sick for a long time, Torben almost had a depression, he lost his job. They just lost everything. It was really hard and during that time Torben even wanted to die. But out there in the desert they found Jesus. One time Torben experienced that he had to go to another city, he did not know why, but he did it and there he found a guy who had been praying for three days that Torben should come there so he could get healed. Torben prayed for him and this guy got healed and did not have to go to the hospital anymore. It was really powerful to experience being led by the Holy Spirit!

God really started to open their eyes about discipleship, about church. They saw everything from outside. They could see that what we are doing today has nothing to do with New Testament church, the pastor, the church building, the meetings, the programs, the tithing, the bible college. It has nothing to do with church and they could see that really clearly. They lost all physical things, but they gained so much more: they had the Holy Spirit, they had Jesus and their eyes were opened. God spoke to Torben to write a book about it. So Torben wrote another book called ‘The Last Reformation’ and some time later God spoke clearly: ‘Torben, we need pioneers, start a pioneer school’. One thing, led to another and Torben started to make ‘The Pioneer School’. After that it really exploded. Many people saw The Pioneer School and it confirmed what many already knew in their hearts.

First lesson of The Pioneer School, which Torben made in the basement of his house.

The past two years have been amazing!

From then, they started to travel and saw many amazing things. They experienced a lot of things where they were led by the Holy Spirit. They heard testimonies of people all over the world about how The Pioneer School changed their life. But they were alone and they said: God, we need more space, we need people to work with us. One evening, in the beginning of 2014, God spoke: ‘Move to Aalborg’. So Torben looked for a house and he found a house they could use. But to be able to rent the house, they needed a deposit of 100.000 Danish crowns (20.000 US dollars) to be able to rent it. The day after, when he woke up, he checked his bank account and suddenly there was 100.000 Danish crowns on their bank account. Someone who Torben never met before gave him that money. A few days later Torben met the man that gave him that money and he said: ‘God just used you. He spoke to me to move to Aalborg and then he spoke to you to give me 100.000 Danish crowns. Who are you?’ He turned out to be a former football player, who was famous in the past and was now a businessman. That year, a lot of things happened. They moved to a mini-hotel, which the businessman bought. Then they moved again because there was no place anymore at the mini-hotel. He bought three other houses for people to live in, who are working with us now and we started a training school in the hotel and a lot of things are happening.

That prophecy which Torben got 8 years ago, about the desert and the pain is now over, about the businessman that would come to support them and everyone who would hear it will be surprised, is now happening. You now read this story, many people in Denmark have heard this story, many people all over the world have heard this story and this is where they are now.

The hotel that the businessman bought. It is now used as a training facility and office place.
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