We believe with all our hearts that the church is facing a new reformation

A reformation that will go deeper than any reformation before: away from church traditions, suffocating structures and countless meetings in church buildings. We believe that it is a reformation, where we get back to what we read in the Acts: A simple disciple-life led by the Holy Spirit, where the kingdom of God comes near in homes, on the streets, in shops – yes, all places where people are.

Who can come and join us?

Do you want more than living a life where you get up every morning to go to work, come home and go to bed – to start over again the next day? Are you not afraid to give up everything and follow Jesus? Can you see yourself train, equip and disciple others? Can you see yourself reform the church?

If you can see yourself working full time for the Lord for the rest of your life, then this is for you. It is for you who are passionate about Jesus and living as we read in Acts.

How will it be organized?

‘Pioneer Training School’ is a 3 week course, that for many of you will be the start of a whole new life, that continues afterwards and elsewhere in the world!

‘Pioneer training school’ consists of teaching, discipleship, working on spreading the Gospel, walking to the streets healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing in water and Holy Spirit, travel and much more. You will be taught the word of God and we provide instruction and practical training in healing the sick, preaching the gospel, leading people to salvation and so on. We will also have guest speakers and teachers from around the world, who already are seeing the fruits of a lifestyle of discipleship.

We will gather approx. 15-20 people, who will live at the Jesus hotel in Aalborg. You will be sharing a room with others and sleep in a bunk bed in the training period.

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After one month in the Pioneer training school, we asked Jeremiah from the United State to tell us about his experience.

Other schools

Also consider joining the Pioneer Training School.

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